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All types of Events; weddings, birthdays, graduations, corporate, maternity,fashion, ladies' nights, holidays, individual. Destination Events.

Please inquire about individual designs $25 each. Party packages at your location cover all travel. Prices are different with assistants(assistants needed for groups of over 35). Travel over one hour is $150/hr for the first 2 hours. Each additional hour is $110.

Once you book a package, your date will be held for you. Cancellation required 24 hours before date to get a refund. Please read terms and contract below.


All packages include travel to your location within 1 hour of Hoboken/Lyndhurst.Assistant pricing is additional.

1. $200 Minimal Bridal Package

Minimal package starts at $200. This covers both sides of hands up to wrists and 1-2 inches past the wrist. Customization included.

2. $300 Package

This package includes design 4 inches past wrist, both sides and small/medium design on feet.

3. $400 Package

Includes design 7 inches past wristwith medium  design on feet.

4. $500 Package

Includes design that goes 2 inches below elbow, both sides, medium/large design on feet. Intricate, customization.

5. $575 Package

Includes design up to or 2 inches past elbows on both sides. Feet. Customization.


Party Packages

1.$260 includes up to 16 people at your location, each one gets 1 medium design(please look at medium design link under Henna section)

8-10 min. per person adds up to about 2.5 hours. lease note that this takes approximately 2.5 hours. If your guests are late, additional hours will be added.



Dear Client,
I respect your time and desire for a beautiful, intricate, custom design; please also respect mine. I ask that you PLEASE provide these things for me to insure the henna experience goes smooth and seamless and fast.

1. Well lit area and a dining table clear, not shaky, and clutter-free
2. Limited interaction with family, guests; ideal is a secluded, quiet area
3. No texting, phone, emails
4. Keep hydrated throughout, very important!
5. I will do my best to make this the most pleasant and satisfying henna experience for you.

Payment and Polices

If you are over 25 min. late, the lost time has to be accounted for in a surcharge or modified design.
Rate is 100$/hr for surcharge.
Payment is due on the day of service. If you are late, full payment is due before services are rendered.
Cash or check only please, made to Hayat Gul.
Additional late charges will be billed to you if payment isn't received. Late fee is 20% of total fee.

Booking Agreement details






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